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First ‘lockdown’ adventure -Hervey Bay 

22 August 2020

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IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOD! Seeing such friendly faces on board today was exceptional. catching up, reminiscing and meeting a new, this felt ... I have to say... 'a little normal'. It's been so long... socialising I had to warn people that I may say things out loud that I possibly shouldn't... 'social norms' has been lacking in practice the last 6 months on account of - you don't use it you lose it.... well that's my excuse for now #eeek

My mind's eye was in overdrive today flashing back to #FINtastic times on photography trips or whale trips of yesteryear. It surprises me how much I can remember, so vividly. So lucky to be able to share such fun and great times.

Well with a boat full of wonderful ocean #FINatics we Tasman Ventured off to platypus bay in search of the great-winged newfoundlanders aka humpback whale. The wind was up and westerly from yesterday but that didn't stop us from having a blast. It wasn't long before entering the bay that we found a pair of travelers and about another mile away was a pair of breaching whales who ended up sticking to the boat. So with that, the engine was turned off and floaters entered the water in anticipation. It was hilarious! the pair of whales played cat and mouse with the floaters and stayed just out of EYE reach. One came so sneakily close right behind Darren, who was holding the end of the line, exhaled loudly then quickly disappeared into the depths again. Absolutely teasing the floaters, who were at the stern of the boat, the two humpbacks would spy hop and pec slap at the bow then make their way round the back to taunt the in water guests then back to the bow again. At times they would hide under the boat, the Skipper could see them on the sounder and I could see their small, intricate, chandelier bubbles, fizzing up from beneath, sparkling their way up the sides of the hull.
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