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07 july 2024
Divine Horizon

Never have I ever…. thought that the straightforward duty of  wearing pants could or would ever become a topic, a chore, a bother…. It's a routine I've followed, we all have followed ( I would think/hope) since the tender age of 2, 3, perhaps 4, and now, to my surprise, it has dissipated without much thought...

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03 MAY 2024

What Do You Call a Gang of Paper Nautiluses aka Argonauts?

Last night's blackwater dive was beyond amazing, it was downright mind-blowing! I can't even begin to express how each session is like diving into a whole new dimension of crazy. I mean, we're talking about critters that move faster than a blink and are teeny tiny to the nth degree!

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15 april 2024

From Waste to Wonder

Over the past year, I've had the absolute honor of collaborating with the exceptional educational team at TEMBUSU CSR in Singapore. Our paths intertwined years ago, and it ignited 12 months ago into something truly remarkable. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have connected with Nan and Jacinta...

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8-10 january 2024

Girraween National Park

Who knew an impromptu camping trip could lead to such happiness and settled inner energy. We planned to go Thursday but the rain delayed us a day so we left early Friday morning. It still rained intermittently but it was perfect. Girraween is absolutely a beautiful place and has almost everything you could want for a weekend of discovery...

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