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4 November 2023
Big Fish, Little Fish

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4 November 2023

In the deep blue sea, a whimsical sight,
Big fish and little fish, dancing with delight.
The giants of the ocean, with scales so grand,
Swim gracefully, a mesmerising band.

Big fish with tails that shimmer and shine,
In their underwater world, they reign divine.
Little fish, in schools, dart to and fro,
Their colours like rainbows, a vibrant show.

Beneath the waves, a world so surreal,
Big fish and little fish, a lively deal.
They play and explore in this watery domain,
A spectacle of wonder, where they both reign.

So next time you gaze at the ocean’s deep dish,
Think of the story of big fish and little fish,
A tale of harmony, where all sizes coexist,
In the vast, wondrous sea, where dreams persist.

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