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10 May 2024
On Most Days I Don't Wear Pants

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Never have I ever…. thought that the straightforward duty of  wearing pants could or would ever become a topic, a chore, a bother…. It's a routine I've followed, we all have followed ( I would think/hope) since the tender age of 2, 3, perhaps 4, and now, to my surprise, it has dissipated without much thought. On several occasions now, I've caught myself saying, "Oh, I forgot my pants. I have my shoes, but I'll need pants." This realisation has led me to ponder... Is forgetting pants any different from forgetting your shoes after a glorious holiday week of beach, surf, and sand? I mean throughout all the lockdowns during the pandemic I did not forget to wear pants…… Did you?

I feel like I am as lucid as ever even though my life has drastically changed, evolved and is in a constant adaptive mode these last 12 months especially. On most days it's a welcomed adventure, on others…. Eerrr not so much BUT overall the movement has a positive forward momentum.


Welcome aboard the journey of a lifetime, where pants are optional, and adventure is non-negotiable.

Twelve months ago, I embarked on a journey that would redefine my perspective in ways I never could have imagined. Leaving behind the comforts of home, I set sail on a grand adventure aboard a majestic 56ft wooden motor sail ketch, bound for the remote reefs and islands of the northern seas. Little did I know, this voyage would not only provide moments of sheer wonder and unexpected hilarity but also prompt profound introspection.

As I reflect on the past year, I'm struck by the remarkable evolution of something as seemingly mundane as wearing pants. What was once a simple daily task has now become a topic of discussion, a chore, even a bother. It's a routine we've all followed since the tender age of 3, perhaps 4, and yet, to my surprise, it has dissipated without much thought. Instead, I find myself occasionally caught off guard, exclaiming, 'Oh, I forgot my pants. I have my shoes, but I'll need pants.' This realisation has led me to ponder... Is forgetting pants any different from forgetting your shoes after a glorious holiday week of beach, surf, and sand? I mean, throughout all the lockdowns during the pandemic, I did not forget to wear pants... Did you?

And amidst this newfound freedom from trousers, I've discovered a curious lack of self-awareness in completing everyday tasks. Surprisingly, the 'business as usual' execution in which I perform them remains intact, albeit with a peculiar twist. Whether it's preparing meals, conducting maintenance on the yacht, or navigating through unfamiliar ports, the absence of pants seems to have little effect on my ability to carry out these tasks efficiently. It's as if the removal of this one garment has opened up a realm of possibilities, where the constraints of convention no longer apply

Despite the profound changes and constant adaptation over the past 12 months, I feel as lucid as ever. Most days, this adventurous lifestyle is a welcomed thrill, but on others... Well, let's just say it's not always smooth sailing. Yet, overall, the movement has a positive forward momentum, propelling me toward new experiences and revelations.

And now, anchored off the shores of the Philippines, sans pants and lost in contemplation, I can't help but wonder how this improbable journey became my reality. What other twists and turns does life have in store for me? These questions linger in the salty air, teasing me with the promise of endless possibility. At this point, I should clarify that while I may forego pants, I do indeed wear undergarments. It's the pants, shorts, skirts, and all-encompassing leg attire that has become a daily source of exasperation.

As the salty breeze tousles my hair and the rhythmic lapping of waves against the hull serenades my senses, I'm reminded of the profound discovery that has unfolded amidst the boundless expanse of the open sea. Here, on this wooden vessel bobbing atop azure waters, I've come to realise that freedom is not merely a concept but a tangible state of being—a liberation of the soul from the shackles of societal expectation.

Our journey began amidst the vibrant hustle and bustle of the Gold Coast, where the shimmering skyscrapers fade into the horizon as we set sail into the endless blue. With each nautical mile, the worries of the world ashore melt away, replaced by a profound sense of connection to the elements and the camaraderie of fellow seafarers.

Navigating the labyrinthine waters of Indonesia, we encountered a kaleidoscope of cultures, from bustling markets brimming with exotic spices to secluded islands inhabited by indigenous tribes. Every port of call unveiled new wonders and challenges, and more frequent reminders to myself about wearing pants. Customs is coming better get my pants, going shopping grab some pants. From navigating treacherous ocean and stormy days wearing no pants to sampling questionable street food (note to self: always double-check the expiration date on fermented tofu) and having to remember pants... the entire concept of consciously ensuring that I am wearing pants is mind-blowing for me. It's should and was as autonomic as brushing your teeth, washing your hands, etc.

But amidst the chaos and unpredictability, there existed a serene beauty that transcended language and culture. Watching the sun dip below the horizon, painting the sky in hues of pink and gold, I couldn't help but marvel at the sheer magnificence of nature and our humble place within it.

As we made landfall in the Philippines, I found myself grappling with the peculiar notion of returning to a world where pants were once again a necessity. The transition from sea to shore was fraught with awkwardness, as I clumsily fumbled with zippers and buttons, longing for the carefree days of bare-legged bliss. The actual thought of putting on a pair of shorts is urgh, annoying. WHAT IS HAPPENING...

Yet, amid the laughter and camaraderie of newfound friends, I realised that the true essence of freedom lies not in the absence of pants but in the boundless spirit of adventure that courses through our veins. Whether sailing the high seas or navigating the complexities of everyday life, we are all captains of our own destiny, charting a course towards our dreams with unwavering determination and a healthy dose of humour.

In this journey, pants indeed serve as a metaphor for the myriad restrictions that society imposes upon us—the expectations, the norms, the conventions that confine us to a predetermined path. But aboard this vessel, with the wind in our sails and the salt on our skin, we've discovered a new way of being, a way that transcends the limitations of convention and embraces the exhilarating freedom of the unknown.

As I stand here on the deck, gazing out at the endless horizon, I'm filled with a sense of gratitude for the incredible journey we've shared together. From the highs of adventure to the lows of uncertainty, each moment has been a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the beauty of embracing life's twists and turns.

So, dear friends, let's carry forward the lessons we've learned and the precious memories we've made. Let's keep seeking new adventures, facing the unknown with bravery and curiosity as we catch our dreams. And most importantly, let's never forget the sheer happiness found in the little things - like laughter, camaraderie, and the freedom to carve our own paths.

Wishing you smooth sailing and clear skies, my fellow explorers. may your dreams stretch as far as the ocean and your enthusiasm soar as high as the sky. And remember, whether you're in trousers or not, it's the journey itself that truly counts. So, let's keep navigating, keep imagining, and keep embracing each day with all our hearts.
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