Girraween National Park8 - 10 January 2021

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Who knew an impromptu camping trip could lead to such happiness and settled inner engery. We planned to go thursdsay but the rain delayed us a day so we left early friday morning. It still rained intermitentaly but it was perfect. Girraween is absolutely a beautiful place and has almost everything you could want for a weeken of discovery. Giant Boulders to climb, hiking tracks galore, rock pools, streams, possums, kangaroos, birds, blooming wild flowers and the energy of magical trees to replenish your mind. 

Climbing the Pyramid was worth every step. It’s a unique granite dome of exposed rock. The 360 views do take one’s breath away and with direct eye lines to the surronding peaks you can map out your next adventure. It’s definitely a spot where you can venture over and over again. 

Also I’ve decided that my most favorite scenic rim drive in the country side is from Queen Mary Falls, down the hill with views of the Condamine river that just leave you breathless. Cruise along the babbling brooks/ river crossings, through the jaw dropping giant trees, and you even get to wave to the long horned cattle, splash through a couple more creeks, all while listening to bell birds and then finally alas back to reality road. 

Thanks gang for a great 2.5 days of hikes and climbs and absorbing some much needed energy from Mother Nature. Let’s go again soon.

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