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10 July 2024
Divine Horizon

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It was as if the universe, in all its boundless mystery, had taken a breath and exhaled purity. There we stood, witnesses to a spectacle so divine, so otherworldly, that these mere words and photos seem feeble in their attempt to capture its essence. During this golden hour, I was stunned. I could only imagine that the mythical deities—those ethereal beings of lore—descended from their celestial abodes, deciding to grace our realm with their playful artistry. They sculpted the clouds with gentle hands, weaving them into forms that defied earthly comprehension, each puff lit with a golden glitter that danced along the unbroken horizon.

The golden hour stretched before us, an endless canvas painted with hues so vibrant and pure it felt as though we had stepped into a heavenly realm. The sky, a vast expanse of soft amber and subdued orange with hints of fire, blended seamlessly into the ocean's surface, which glistened with an intensity both delicate and profound. The ocean, a mirror of the heavens, shimmered with a softness that seemed almost tangible, the entire hemisphere's surface flat as if crafted from the finest silk, gliding effortlessly beneath the touch of the celestial artisans.

Fishermen, their bangkas returning from a day at sea, carved delicate lines across the water, their wakes forming what could only be described as prayers written in the language of the divine. Some paused, their boats still upon the glistening expanse, faces lifted in silent reverence at the magnificent scene, as if aging in awe. The entire horizon was alive, where clouds touched the earth in a tender embrace, their forms so intricate and perfect it seemed impossible they could be anything but the work of gods.

Have you ever seen clouds touch the earth? Not in the way mist cloaks a mountain or fog drifts through a valley, but in a manner so deliberate, so profoundly intimate, it felt like witnessing the union of heaven and earth. It was as though a deity, longing for a moment of earthly delight, had slipped from the celestial sphere to paint the sky with the colours of their realm, to share with us a fleeting glimpse of nirvana.

In that moment, we were not mere observers. We were participants in a divine revelation, our souls intertwined with the fabric of the universe. It was a sight so breathtaking, so utterly beyond the scope of human language, that to describe it feels like attempting to capture the wind in a jar. And yet, here I am, striving to convey the indescribable, knowing that what we witnessed was not just a scene, but a sensation, an experience that left us whole, transformed, and in awe of the boundless beauty that exists just beyond the clouds.

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