Travel with Jasmine

Dive into the adventure of a lifetime!

Do you want to swim with whales? I’m sure the answer to that is yes! So, join me and the fabulous team from Whales Underwater on one of our awesome ocean adventures in Tonga or Norway. Full details can be found at

I also co-host other unique water experiences, diving into some of the most wonderous ocean destinations around the world. See what’s currently on offer at 

Darren & Jasmine

Just wanted to touch base with you since my trip with you to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I have been on numerous wildlife photo trips and yours certainly is first class. It was as advertised and the two of you have an amazing amount of enthusiasm for what you do.  I also was impressed with the fact you are both very “down to earth” and easy to talk to.  I have been around some professional photographers that act as if one is privileged to be in their presence.  You, on the other hand, are like the friends next door; very warm, genuine and eager to help.

Thanks again for everything.  Not sure when or if I will make it back to Tonga but I certainly would love to have the opportunity to dive with you someday on the Great Barrier Reef.